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"Complete Cleanup" Software App Description:
Internet software cookies are bits of information stored on your computer whenever you visit webpages while browsing. This can cause some some privacy issues as this can allow websites to track and log your browsing habits and history. Along with your internet cookies, your computer also stores your web history, cache files including pictures and videos that have been viewed, search engine history, web addresses, and password information whenever you browse the web. These may have been accumulating ever since you began using your browser, and these files can also waste large amounts of your hard drive space without you even knowing it, slowing down your pc performance! Anyone who shares your pc with you can tell where you have been browsing on the web, especially if they decide to snoop or accidently stumble across these files or registry entries. Java applets or ActiveX controls can also be left behind on your pc, and various other entries can be left hidden in your system registry. Video cookies are often overlooked, yet these contain tracking related information that many cleanup programs ignore. ActiveX controls can also be particularly dangerous because they are executable files which run on your pc.

This disk cleanup software app is the complete solution. This will cleanup all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox (Mozilla), and even Google Chrome. This works with all versions both past and present. This software app displays all your file statistics, improves pc performance, and cleans up all cookies, video cookies, cache files, history files, ActiveX controls and java applets, search engine data and auto forms data, previous passwords and userid entries, index.dat files, MRU's, and the browser location bar. This is also customizable so you can keep specific items if you wish. This includes a free spyware and virus system review for you from an actual programmer, as it generates a log of your computer system which you can send in for review. This also allows you to scan and find all duplicate files, and performs many other disk cleanups, including your recent documents list, temp files, system startup list, and various registry entries, along with the ability for secure file wiping, so the cleaned files cannot be recovered at a later time. Cleanups can be run automatically in the background, and a built-in cache viewer is also provided which allows you to view the found files and locations. You can even choose to keep or view individual cookies, and you can enter any of your own personal cleanups which you would like to customize for your cleanup list. This software app will also improve the performance and disk reading speed of your pc, and has been continually enhanced, tested, and perfected since 1996!

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Easy to use:
No advanced knowledge of computers is needed to cleanup your computer, as this software app is designed specifically so it can be used by anyone. Not only will this help protect your privacy, but it will also free up alot of your extra disk space, helping keep your system at peak performance. If you plan on selling or donating your computer to others in the future, it is important to remember to clean up your tracks so confidential information is not left behind for others to view.

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Disk Cleanup Software App Features Include:
- Serves dual purpose -> Protects internet privacy and frees up disk space.
- All cleanups found are garbage files only, and the software app will safelly remove for you!
- You do not need any knowledge of computers to use this software app.
- You can choose specific cleanups to perform, or easily "clean all" with one button click.
- This software has app been in use by many for years, and continually enhanced, so it's thoroughly tested.
- Safely cleans out and removes cookies, web history, browser cache, even previously visited URL locations.
- Safely cleans previous search engine entries, and removes previous entered website forms.
- Safely cleans previous passwords entered on website forms.
- Safely cleans all video cookies.
- Safely removes excess index files.
- Improves system performance.
- Increases hard drive i/o speed.
- Scans and finds all duplicate files for removal. All duplicate files will even be listed for your review.
- Removes temp files left behind by windows.
- Cleans out registry entries.
- Removes index.dat files.
- Secure file cleaning. Wipes files clean so "undelete" will not recover.
- Safely cleans out java applets and all ActiveX controls left behind on your pc.
- Also removes leftover entries from previous browser versions.
- Cleans up your recent document links.
- Cleans up your previous file "run history" and "find history" list.
- Ability to run completely automated in the background if you choose.
- Ability to keep or save individual cookies.
- Ability to remove locked files.
- Cleans up leftover thumb cache.
- Has built in cache viewer, allowing you to view stored data pages and pictures.
- Works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox (Mozilla), and AOL browsers, all versions past and present.
- Also removes pc garbage files which are not internet related.
- Compatible with all browser versions, past and present.
- Works even if multiple browsers are installed simultaneously.
- Allows you to enter your own personal cleanups (if you choose).
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try, only 29.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

1) First, simply download and run the program to install it. (The install only needs to be done once).
2) After installing, just double click the program on your desktop to run it.
3) This software app is designed to be extremely easy to use, and also includes an uninstall for your convenience.
4) If you have any questions, feel free to contact support here.

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This shareware software app is FREE to download and try, and costs only 29.95 if you decide to register. Ordering is available via credit card, online (via secured form), check, money order, pay pal, fax, and more. Both U.S. and international orders are accepted, and delivery is free via email. You can also order a CD if you wish.

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