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"Disk and Registry Alert" Software Description:
Easily track, view, and monitor any programs added or removed on your Windows computer. This software will capture before and after logs of both your disk and registry, allowing you to log and verify all files and programs that were added or removed on your computer anytime installs are done. This provides a sure way to identify if any viruses or spyware were placed on your system during software installations, and also allows you to make sure all uninstalls have completely removed all files and folders. You can always view what folders and programs have been added on your computer. In addition to monitoring your hard drive, you can also view any registry keys that are added or deleted. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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Disk and Registry Alert - Software Features Include:
- Shows you all programs and files added or removed on your hard drive.
- Shows you all registry keys added or removed on your pc.
- Displays all new folders added after any installation.
- Allows you to save the logs for later viewing.
- Never have to wonder about what folders or files are added or what locations!
- Allows you to go back and cleanup any files that were added and not removed when uninstalling.
- Includes all system and hidden files, no program can be hidden from this without your knowledge.
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try. Only 24.95 to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

1) First, simply download and run the program to install it. (Download link above)
2) This will simply install the program on your computer. The installation only needs to be done once.
3) Once you have run the program install, you can simply click the icon on your desktop anytime you wish to run it.
4) This software is designed to be extremely easy to use, and also includes an uninstall for your convenience.
5) If you have any questions, feel free to contact support here.

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