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"Disk Search Software" for Windows:
This is search made easy, with a ton of flexibility allowing you to search your hard drive for file names, folder names and even has the ability to search and find all files containing specific text strings. This Disk Search software will show you a complete list of all results including the file names and locations (or just folder names if doing folder name search) and if you chose to find text strings, then not only is the file names returned in your search but each string found is returned also for you to view. Even wildcard search features can be used to help you find any files, folders, or files containing text anywhere on your computer. See screenshot photo examples below.

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"Disk Search" Software Features:
- Easily search your computer for folder names or file names, including partial wildcards.
- Easily search your computer for any files containing specific text strings.
- Can search and find specific folder names, or search for partial folder names.
- Ability to enter a list of folder paths you want to search within (to improve speed).
- Ability to eliminate a list of specific folder paths in your searching (to improve speed).
- Ability to search entire hard drive for any file name or any folder name, or partial names (wildcards).
- Ability to search a list of text entries at once (meaning one search can check multiple).
- Detailed results allow you view everything found on your computer and allows you save these results.
- You can even sort your search results by file extension, file size, file name, and even path.
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- This software will save you many hours of searching now and into the future.
- Only 14.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

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