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"Disk Search Software" - Windows Software App Description:
This is search made easy, with a ton of flexibility allowing you to search your hard drive for file names (or even folder names!), along with the ability to find text strings within those files. This Disk Search software app will show you a complete list of results including the file names and locations (or just folder names if doing folder name search) and if you chose to find text strings, then not only is the file names returned in your search but each string found is returned also for you to view. You can also improve speed of the searching by entering a listing of folder paths to search if you do not wish to search the entire hard drive (and likewise you can choose folder paths to eliminate from the search if you wish).

A unique feature is also added that allows you to enter a list of wildcard name features, so you can search many files and types all in one pass, but still limit the search to only what your list asks for. See screenshots below which show you samples in use! This disk search software will probably last you a lifetime as there is always a need to be able to search and find files on your hard drive.

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"Disk Search" - Hard Drive Searching - Features Include:
- Easily search your hard drive for finding folder names or file names, including wildcards.
- Ability to search and find specific folder names, or search and find partial folder names.
- Ability to search and find specific file names, or search and find partial file names.
- Ability to search a list of folder paths, to quickly find only files within the paths you listed.
- Ability to eliminate searching a list of folder paths you enter. This can greatly speed your search.
- Ability to search entire hard drive for any file name or any folder name, or partial names (wildcards).
- Ability to search and find any text within text documents.
- Ability to search a list of text entries, which means you can search for many in just one scan of your hard drive.
- Ability to build lists of search items, whether folder names or file names, or text within file name. Built for speed and using only one search pass.
- Detailed results allow you view text strings found, file and path names found, and allows you export to text file for saving the results.
- You can even sort your search results by file extension, file size, file name, and even path. Great for large search results!
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try, only 14.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

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This shareware software app costs only 14.95 if you decide to purchase, and is yours to keep once purchase. Ordering is available via credit card online or via pay pal. Both U.S. and international orders are accepted, and delivery is free via email.

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