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After many years of selling this Easyscreen screen capture software, I have decided to make it completely free.
This means you download and use Easyscreen in your business or at home for free.

Capture and save any screenshots, pictures, or text on your computer, screen capture sections of screens, convert images to JPEG images, save as PNG images, and even embed text messages directly into images. You can add date and time to your capture, and print any screen. You can also capture pull down menus on other applications, capture and convert your screen capture pictures into grayscale images, convert an entire folder of images into jpg images with one click, print folder file lists, and even copy images directly to the windows clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

No extra run-time files are needed. (This screen capture software runs on "all" Windows systems).

Easyscreen Features:
- Capture and save anything that shows on your computer screen.
- Capture and save any "area" of the screen (crop).
- Print your screen.
- Convert image types.
- Capture and save as PNG images.
- Capture and save as JPEG images.
- Capture and convert images to grayscale images.
- Ability to capture only the top window showing.
- Ability to convert an entire folder of images into JPEG's with one click.
- Pass any image directly into PC Paintbrush for modifying, printing, editing.
- Ability to capture pull-down menus on other applications.
- Embed text messages directly into saved images.
- Print a list of all folder contents (sort alphabetically).
- Ability to perform a screen capture on only the top or active windows.
- Ability to add date and time to all your screen capture images.
- Paste cropped images directly into the windows clipboard.
- Perform a screen capture on any new screen with one button click.
- Runs on all Windows systems.


Download Easyscreen Here

This is stand alone executable, but windows may give you a warning popup the first time you run (thats just because I didnt code sign it).
When you get the windows popup click the "more info" section on popup and then click "run anyway".

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