What app adds black banner with text across the photo?

You may have seen many photos on Instagram or Facebook that have the "black banner" or "black strip" across the photo with text captions also written across this black banner. This black banner is often shown faded or dark with the text caption written across it. Other types of colored banners like rainbow banner, white banner, red banner, etc, with other effects are similiar and also have text captions across them.

The app "Banner Text" is shown in the screenshot below. This allows you to place different types of banners across your photos, one of which is the black stripe or banner shown in the screenshot. You then have the ability to add text on top of the banner that you add on the photo. This also has fade effects so any of the banners can be faded at many different levels. Note there is also several other colored banners that can be added with this app beyond just the black strip commonly seen in many Instagram photos.

Unlike other apps that add only black banners with text on the photos, this app makes it very easy to do so and has many different colored banners and strips, or even different colored horizontal lines that can be added surrounding your text.