What app adds fog effect or smoke effect on my photo?

There are many times you see fog effects or the smoky, haze effects overlayed on photos. This is a popular effect on Instagram and Tumblr and other websites where you may have seen this effect. The fog can often be tinted different colors to make it a yellow fog or blue fog, as real fog can also vary in color and type. The fog effect can also be faded giving it a hazy appearance.

The app "Foggy Photo" is shown in the screenshot below. You can alter the fog effects as different styles are built into this app. Different types of fog tints like blue, silver, and yellow fog can also be added on your photos, giving you different variations of the look and feel of each fog effect. This makes is very easy to add a haze to any photo and makes it very easy to thicken the haze based upon the type of picture you are putting it on.