Blur Border
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Square your photo with blur border effects

Add various blur border effects to your photos, making all photos perfectly square for sites like Instagram.

There are various blur, faded, fog, and white border blurring effects that automatically create the border for you, making your photo perfectly square. This app gives you the "blurry sides" or "blurred square" area on top, bottom, or sides of photos that you often see on Instagram. Many variations of these border effects are also included along with the blurred or stretched border look to help your photos stand out even more.

BlurBorder App Features:

  • Square any photo instantly for sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Borders are added to top or botton of photo depending upon your photo selected.
  • View different blurry border effects or stretch border effects.
  • View different picture in border effects.
  • Always creates square photo or square pic effect once borders are added.
  • View different faded border or white border effects.
  • Many different border effects, just tap through and view instantly.
  • Tap the save button to save your new square photo with borders added.
  • This app will run on iphone, ipod, and even ipad.
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