Flicker Effect
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Make photo flash or flicker when its scrolled

Short Description:

Create a flashing, moving, flicker effect on any of your photos so when the photo moves it appears to "flicker". You can then save your photo as a new photo in your photo album so it can be uploaded to any sites or sent to others. This is also known as the "TV Scanline" effect which you may have seen others using.

Note also that this app has customized this effect so it flickers even more when uploaded to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Those sites shrink the photo when uploaded, which alters the effect of course because they are altering the photo by doing this. This app customizes this flicker effect so it maintains a good flashing and flicker type effect even after its uploaded. Options are also in this app which allow you to tweak the effect more if needed.

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