Farout Photo Effects
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Add various photo effects and overlay on your pictures

Choose from many different photo effects to easily add to your pictures with this iphone app. Many different photo edits are included which makes this great for Instagram effects and Facebook effects. Effects include the ability to change the colors and change the fading, but also have many overlays or "sticker" type overlays, photo heart effects, colored backgrounds, and many other edits that can easily be placed on your photos.

Farout Photo Effects App Features:

  • Select any photo, then tap through different effects.
  • All effects give you the ability to change colors.
  • All effects give you the ability to change fading.
  • "White triangle", "white heart", "triangle effects" and various other photo edits.
  • Effects are great for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites.
  • Just tap the save button to save your new photo.
  • This app will run fine on iphone, ipod, and even ipad.
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