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Overlap and overlay your photos any way you wish

Use an unlimited number of your pictures to overlap into a photo collage.

You can enlarge, shrink, position, or add white circles around each photo if you wish. Enlarge and shrink each individual photo any way you wish as you move them. All photo collages are saved as perfectly square pictures for posting on Instagram, Facebook, or other sites. You can even save at smaller resolutions if you wish to change it.

P!cOverlay Iphone App Features:

  • Build your own photo collage by overlaying your pictures multiple ways.
  • Create white border look surrounding your photos.
  • Use "unlimited" number of photos in this photo collage builder. Just keep selecting photos until done.
  • Use one of your own photos as a background, then overlay other photos on top of the background.
  • If you do not want a white border background, simple enlarge a photo over it as your background.
  • Create white circular photos by using the round option, creating the white circles around the photo.
  • Final photo collage is saved with square photo resolution.
  • Save option allows you to save final photo collage at smaller resolutions if you wish.
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