Square Border App
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Make perfectly square photos by adding borders. Great for Instagram or Facebook

Add fancy border designs to the side or top of your photos, so that any photo becomes perfectly square.

Great for posting your photos on Instagram or Facebook. This app has many horizontal borders or vertical borders to choose from as this app automatically makes your photos perfectly square with the tap of a button. Includes not only "white borders" and other standard colored borders, but also many other border designs not seen in any other app.

Square Border Iphone App Features:

  • Select any photo, and instantly it becomes a perfectly square photo.
  • White borders, colored borders, and many designer borders included.
  • Border designs include many not found in any other app.
  • No image quality is lost.
  • Border size automatically creates perfectly square photo every time.
  • Makes your photos squared for Instagram, Facebook, or other sites.
  • Vertical borders or horizontal borders.
  • Just tap the save button to save your new photo.
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