Write On Picture
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Write with your own finger and handwriting on any photo

Simply select any photo and use your finger to write or draw on the photo.

You can adjust colors and thickness of your handwriting, and can even write with various styles like barbed writing, smear, blot out, or even low ink. You can draw and write on photos with various colors, adjust the thickness of the lines, and even scratch out faces easily by using the blot option. Using styles like smear or low ink can add variety to your writing that is different then normal handwriting lines. Barbed lines are also another option. Save any of your photos without altering your original photo.

Write On Picture Iphone App Features:

  • Select any of your photos, then touch to begin writing on it.
  • Use the size button to make handwriting lines thicker or thinner.
  • Use the blot option to cover faces and blot over parts of photos.
  • Use the style/color button to adjust to pink, red, blue, green, or many other colors.
  • Other writing styles include features like drawing with barbed, smear, or low ink.
  • Just tap save to instantly save your new photo with your handwriting on it.
  • Just tap the size button to change the thickness of your handwriting.
  • This app will run on any iOS platform - iphone, ipad, and even ipod.
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