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"Password Maintenance" Software Description:
Password manager software. Manage all your passwords and websites with the ability to automatically fill in your user id and password on each website. You can automatically click and open any website in your list, keep your website list in alphabetical order, and fill in the password and user id information with one simple button click. This also includes an option to store all your password data on diskette, USB, thumb drive, or any other external device to better secure your passwords, as your password files will not even exist on your pc if you choose this option. You can also print a list of all your passwords and websites on paper for safe backup storage, and you can add, update, and delete websites and passwords in your list. You can also easily swap between your password list and browser screen, and easily select and open other websites in your list. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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Free Software Trial Downloads - Windows

Password Manager Software Features Include:
- Store and manage all your passwords and websites.
- Secure storage by saving all data on diskette instead of pc.
- Even if your pc is lost, stolen, or hacked, your data is safe.
- Automatically fill in user ids and passwords on websites.
- Automatically open selected website with one click.
- Automatically cut and paste your passwords into websites.
- Adjust browser window size to any width or height.
- Add, update, or delete from your website/webpage list.
- Print a list of your passwords on paper for safe storage.
- Easily swap between your browser and password list.
- Data is always displayed at top of browser for easy cutting and pasting.
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try, only 14.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

1) First, simply download and run the program to install it. Click any one of the links above (it does not matter which one you choose).
2) This will simply install the program on your computer. The installation only needs to be done once.
3) Once you have run the program install, you can then run it anytime via your desktop icon or your start programs menu.
4) This software is designed to be extremely easy to use, and also includes an uninstall for your convenience.
5) If you have any questions, feel free to contact support here.

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This shareware software is FREE to download and try, and costs only 14.95 if you decide to register. Ordering is available via credit card, online (via secured form), check, money order, pay pal, fax, and more. Both U.S. and international orders are accepted, and delivery is free via email. You can also order a CD if you wish.

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