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"PC Garbage Remover" Software Description:
This software will help keep your entire system clean of the excess garbage which accumulates over time. This not only searches and finds various files left over by Windows, but also searches for many other space consuming files that may have been left behind from internet downloads or program installations. You can search for various garbage files, 0 bytes files, zip files, pictures, multimedia files, text documents, stored webpages, screensavers, and even "ini" files. This contains a built in video player, sound player, and graphics viewer, so you can immediately view all the files without opening another software application. You can even preview screensavers with the click of a button. This will help you identify what each file is, and whether or not you wish to keep the file on your system, remove it, or add it to the trash bin. Also included is options to sort the "found files" by file extension, file name, or file path. The total bytes wasted, available RAM memory, available swap file space, and total file count is also displayed for your convenience. (Runs on all Windows systems. Download is fully functional except for deletes).

Software Features:
-Scan entire drive (or multiple drives), and remove many different garbage files.
-Concentrates strictly on garbage cleanup, freeing up large amounts of disk space.
-Scans and removes 0 byte files.
-Safely removes various garbage without affecting any applications.
-Contains built-in video player, sound player, and graphics viewer.
-Use built-in viewers for scanning and immediately viewing other file types.
-Contains internal recycle bin for easily restoring any deleted files.
-Search and view zipped files, screensavers, text files, and more.
-Sort found files by path, name, or even file extensions.
-Easily find and organize all documents before selling or donating your computer.
-Displays available RAM, swap file space available, and files totals.
-Run as often as needed, always lists all file totals before deleting.
-Free to try (demo), only 24.95 to purchase.
-Runs on all Windows systems.

PC Garbage Remover Software Requirements: Runs on all Windows systems.

Download Here

Installation Instructions:
1) Installation is simple, to run the free trial, first you must simply download and run the program to install it. Click one of the download links above (it does not matter which one you choose).
2) After clicking a download link, a window will open on your browser. Click RUN (it may also show OPEN or SAVE depending upon your browser messages.).
3) This will run the installation program on your system (If you chose "Save" on your browser, then you only saved the file to your pc, so double-click it when done saving to start the installation).
4) An installation window will open when you run the downloaded program, just keep clicking the "next" button until the installation finishes. This installation only needs to be done once.
5) Thats it, you are then done downloading and installing, and you can run the program any time from your desktop icon or your start-programs menu on you pc.
6) If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact support here.
7) All downloads listed above are safe to install, please feel free to contact support if you have any questions. All downloads also include uninstall options.

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This software is free to download and try, and costs only 24.95 to register (no royalties are required in any way). Ordering is available via credit card (all cards accepted), secured online ordering, telephone, check or money order, pay pal, fax, and more. Both U.S. and international orders are also accepted, and you have options to order via email delivery only or get the CD via postal delivery if you wish.

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