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Free reminder software trial download - Windows

"Talking Secretary" Software Description:
Create voice activated reminders which will say the day and time out loud, read messages to you, play MP3 files, play video reminders, and display customized messages based on days of the week, weekends, specific dates, or even monthly dates. Never forget birthdays, holidays, or meetings again, and you can even use this as an alarm clock. You can create reminders or alarms to occur on specific days of each week or weekend, on a specific date or time you choose, or even any specific day of the month or month end. This alarm and reminder software will help you always remember your daily tasks, meetings, or special occasions. The voice activation will announce the day and time for you, and will read customized reminder messages to you. You can choose reminders that will play MP3 files or videos, open documents, display messages and more. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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Talking Secretary and Reminder Software Features:
- Allows you to set reminders based on month end or month beginning.
- Allows you to set reminders based on a specific date, and repeat yearly.
- Allows you to set monthly reminders that repeat monthly.
- Allows you to set reminders to occur on repeated weekdays or weekends.
- Set reminders to have the pc talk to you and read a message to you.
- Set reminders to have the pc say the time out loud.
- Set reminders to have the pc say the day of the week out loud.
- Set reminders to start MP3's, videos, open documents and files, and more.
- Birthday reminder, meeting reminder, appointment reminder, or any other special occasion.
- Never forget important events, miss important meetings, or forget monthly tasks again.
- Can be used as a PC alarm clock, simply start an MP3 or other file playing at any set time.
- Free technical help for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try, only $14.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on ALL Windows systems.

Free reminder software trial download - Windows

1) First, simply download and run the program to install it. (The install only needs to be done once).
2) After installing, just double click the program on your desktop to run it.
3) This software is designed to be extremely easy to use, and also includes an uninstall for your convenience.
4) If you have any questions, feel free to contact support here.

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This shareware software is FREE to download and try, and costs only 29.95 if you decide to register. Ordering is available via credit card, online (via secured form), check, money order, pay pal, fax, and more. Both U.S. and international orders are accepted, and delivery is free via email. You can also order a CD if you wish.

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