Free Screensaver Creator Trial - Make your own screensaver of pictures and MP3's.

"A+ Screensaver Creator" Software Description:
This screensaver maker software will allow you to display your own pictures (including the popular JPEG images) as a screensaver while listening to your favorite sound files, including MP3. Other options include tiling the pictures on your screen, displaying your pictures randomly or in sequence, displaying a picture in a picture, overlapping pictures, fading pictures in and out, sliding pictures, customizing the pictures to any height or width, changing the background colors, turning the sound on or off, displaying pictures full screen, changing the time delay, and password protection. No additional run-time files are needed. All users will also receive a freeware Video Screensaver for viewing AVI or MPG video files. (Runs on all Windows systems).

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Free Software Trial Downloads - Windows

A+ Screensaver Creator Software Features Include:
- Display your own pictures, including JPEG images.
- Play sound files while pictures display.
- Tile multiple pictures on your screen.
- Display a "picture in a picture".
- Fade pictures in and out.
- Display pictures at their internal scan size for more clarity.
- Overlap image feature for picture displays.
- Slide pictures onto your screen from all directions.
- Add circle frame around your photos.
- Pictures can be read from various different folders.
- Add entire folder of photos for display with one mouse click.
- Make your own screensaver slideshow or theme.
- Change the background colors.
- Turn the sound on or off.
- Change the time delay between pictures.
- Free technical help, directly from the author, for any questions you may have.
- Free to download and try, only 14.95 if you wish to purchase.
- Runs on all Windows systems.

1) First, simply download and run the install from link above.
2) This will simply install the program on your computer. The installation only needs to be done once.
3) Once you have run the program install, a text file will open with simple instructions on how to run this software.
4) This software is designed to be extremely easy to use, and also includes an uninstall for your convenience.

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