Picture Borders
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Add photo borders / frames around your photos

Add many different photo border designs to any of your photos with just the tap of a button on your iphone.

You can also adjust the border size, making your picture frame larger or smaller simply by tapping the size buttons on this unique iphone app. Not only do the photo borders include many different designs, but they also include many different colors within each design. Note that your original photos are never altered in any way, as a new photo is saved in your library with your chosen border added to it. (See screenshots below to view a few samples of picture borders that have been added). If you are you looking to make your photos square with borders instead, check out BlurBorder!

Picture Borders Iphone App Features:

  • Choose many different picture borders / picture frames to add to your photos.
  • Picture borders app includes many different designs and textures.
  • Picture borders app includes many different colors to choose.
  • This app will run fine on iphone, ipad, and even ipod.
  • Adjust your photo border sizes thicker or thinner.
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