Hard drive cleaner and file remover program
Listed below are various Windows software downloads including MP3 splitter software, video screensaver maker software, password software, text manipulation software, and more. Feel free to try any of these software downloads free of charge just by clicking the download link below. :-)
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"Disk and Registry Alert"
Capture before and after snapshots of both your hard drive and registry, showing all files and programs that were added or removed. Always know exactly what programs really installed and verify uninstalls are complete. Click program name for more information.

Buy now Disk and Registry Software     Free trial - Disk and Registry Software
"MP3 EasySplitter"
Split your MP3 files into smaller, playable segments without losing any sound quality. Other features include printing MP3 lists, or creating MP3 lists for emailing and pasting. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - MP3 Splitter     Free trial - Audio and MP3 Software
"Video Screensaver Maker"
Enter your own AVI, WMV, or MPG videos, then automatically package and distribute to others as a video screensaver, royalty free. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - Video Screensaver Maker     Free trial - Video Screensaver for AVI or MPEG
"Text Tweak"
Data and file manipulation software which can compare files, merge files, insert strings into files, edit and remove lines, remove strings, and even build files based on templates. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - PC Garbage Remover     Free trial - Data manipulating software
"Picture and Video Protect"
Software which makes your videos or pictures unviewable and protected in case they are accidently discovered. You can easily click and view them yourself. Even the picture and video names can be encrypted and disguised if you wish. Password protected so only you have access.

Buy now - video protect     Free trial - photo and video lock
"Password Maintenance"
Password manager software. Easily keep track of all your passwords and even auto fill website passwords automatically. Includes secure option to store all password data on USB thumb drive, so it can be removed when not in use and the data does not even exist anywhere on your hard drive. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - Password Software     Free trial - Password Manager and Privacy Protector
"Talking Secretary"
Reminder and notification software that will display messages and even speak to you when when a meeting or special occasion is approaching.

Buy now - Talking Secretary and Reminder Software     Free trial - Talking Secretary and Reminder Software
"PC Garbage Remover"
Safely scan and remove the garbage from your hard drive, and improve your pc performance. Click program name for more information.

Buy now - PC Garbage Remover     Free trial - System Disk and Hard Drive Cleaner
"A+ Screensaver Creator"
Display your own photos or images as a screensaver (including JPEG images) while playing your favorite sound files. Tile your images, place a "picture in a picture", stretch full screen, and much more. Click program name for more information.

Buy it now - A+ Screensaver Creator     free trial - Make Your Own Screensaver
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