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Bizarre, trippy, 3D blur effects that can be added to any of your photos. It also includes 3D glow effects along with other edits.

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"Write On Picture"
Write or draw on any photo using your own finger and your own handwriting. With this app you simply select any photo in your photo album, adjust the thickness, style, or color of writing you wish to use, then begin writing on your photo or use the blot option to scribble out faces. Save to your photo album when done.

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"Blur Border"
Add various blur border effects to your photos, making all photos perfectly square for sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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This app adds arrows in your photos so you can point out specific things. You can add arrows or circles anywhere in your photos.

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This app will make you look thinner or skinnier. Unlike other apps which alter the entire image, this app will only alter the object in the center of your picture, making it appear thin while keeping the rest of the picture normal.

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"Fishing Map and Track"
This fishing app allows you to map your fishing locations along with logging various details like temperature, water conditions, time of year, and whether fishing was good or bad in that spot. Use this fishing map app to keep your history of all your favorite fishing spots, kept private on your phone so your fishing holes remain your secret.

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"Hunting History"
This hunting mapping app allows you to log your favorite hunting spots along with various details and comments. Build your hunting history over time of all your hunting locations, which are kept private on your phone.

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"My Jogging Trail"
This GPS map app allows you track your jogging distance and leave a trail showing your exact path you traveled. It can be used for jogging, hiking, cycling, or any other time you wish to map out your path and distance.

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"Picture Borders"
Put various borders around entire photo. Many borders to choose from and you also have the ability to adjust the thickness of all borders.

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"Finger Outline"
Drag your finger to create funky photo effects on any photo. Easily add stickers like stars, hearts, yin yang symbols, dollar signs, and more simply by dragging your finger across any photo.

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"Find Your Way Back"
This app allows you to mark any spot on the map, so you can easily find your way back to that location later. Whether it's your hotel, spot on a beach, parking spot, or anywhere there is a crowd, this will keep you from being lost.

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"Square Border"
Automatically square your photos by adding vertical or horizontal borders to your pictures. Great for Instagram, Facebook and other sites.

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Put a white background behind your photo and then type text captions above, below, or along side your photo. You can position your photo and text anywhere simply by tapping the screen.

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"Flicker Effect"
Make any photo flash or flicker when the screen is scrolled, making your photos far more noticeable to catch the eye when uploaded to social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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"Smaller Photos"
Adjust image size smaller for texting, emailing, social media, or elsewhere. Photo will use far less space while keeping excellent image quality.

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"Banner Text"
Add your own text captions and banners on top of any photo.

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Use an unlimited number of your pictures to overlap, enlarge, shrink, move, or add white circlular shapes around each picture. This photo collage builder will also save your collages perfectly square for posting on Instagram, Facebook, or other sites.

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